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Personal Training

Personal Training

​ If you need extra motivation, individual attention, and greater fitness knowledge, our personal training programs are the ideal solution.

YMCA Personal Training is a results-based program tailored to your individual needs. Our qualified personal trainers cater for beginners and the ‘not-so-fit’ right through to elite athletes.

With YMCA Personal Training the focus is on you! Whether you’re looking to increase your overall energy, lose weight, sculpt, or gain a physical advantage in sport, our trainers will design a personalised program specific to your health and fitness goals and work with you to achieve them.

Get the benefits of personal training:

PT-Icons_Trianing.png#asset:7529Tailored TrainingPT-Icons_Weight-Loss.png#asset:7528Fat Loss
PT-Icons_Muscle-Gain.png#asset:7511Muscle GainPT-Icons_Max-Results.png#asset:7522Maximise Results
PT-Icons_Knowledge.png#asset:7525KnowledgePT-Icons_Good-Habits.png#asset:7526Good Habits


Workout with a friend or two and receive all the help and guidance you need to maximise your results, but at a fraction of the cost. Our members love the convenience, results and affordability of small group training.

First-time offer*

1:1 Person1:2 Person1:3 Person
3 X PT Sessions$99$119$129

*New clients only

Ongoing Prices

30 Minutes1:1 Person1:2 People1:3 People
1 X PT Sessions$50$70$90
3 X PT Sessions$120$140$160
5 X PT Sessions$200$240$280
10 X PT Sessions$400$470$540
60 Minutes1:1 Person1:2 People1:3 People
1 X PT Sessions$70$90$110
3 X PT Sessions$168$188$208
5 X PT Sessions$280$320$360
10 X PT Sessions$560$630$700

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