All Access Membership

All Access Membership is our flagship membership offering for those aged 16Y - 60Y, which includes full access to all facilities, group fitness and member benefits.

Join A Community

When you join a YMCA you are not just a member of a gym, you're part of a not for profit with a commitment to building healthy, happy communities. In addition to supporting your local community, members enjoy:

  • Unlimited gym access
  • Unlimited group fitness
  • Complimentary creche
  • Drop-in casual basketball shots
  • Member discounts to rockwall admission and programming
  • Customer friendly terms; no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees, fair suspension options, and options to pay by direct debit or in advance
  • Online Customer Portal; conveniently manage your membership online, book into group fitness and see 'live' facility availability


The YMCA is committed to making recreation and active living accessible to all community members. As such, we have some 'always on' discounts which can be applied to an All Access Membership to assist with affordability.

Concession discounts are available for concession card holders, saving up to 20% off All Access Membership rates and some casual admission prices. All Access Concession memberships can be purchased online.

Mates Rates discounts up to 20% are applied to those who join with friends or family members. As we need to set up one account (one set of direct debit details) for all linked 'mates', All Access Mates Rates memberships must be purchased in-person.

Join Now

All Access 16Y+

$23.95 per week

Enjoy the variety, flexibility and access to the gym and group fitness.